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At Benchmark Forensics, we are committed to providing an unbiased work product to our clients.  We believe that data is just data. We stand on the side of justice, so making sure that both sides have access to accurate and unbiased analysis matters to us. 

Evidence Review

Unbiased review of prosecutorial digital evidence data to ensure the data is present and nothing was missed that could potentially aid in the defense of others.  

There is an enormous amount of data stored in cell phones, computers, storage drives, and a variety of data cards and other forms of flash media.  It is impossible to look at all of the data manually.  Highly specialized tools are therefore necessary to aid in sifting through the data more quickly to get to the heart of the matter, but can also aid in missing otherwise important data. 

Caseload for prosecutorial examiners can be overwhelming leaving the examiner with little time to make the case.  Often times, important data can be missed that could potentially aid in a person’s defense.  Because of this, it is easy to miss data that may otherwise prove useful to your case.  

In many cases, a triage report is submitted by a law enforcement examiner to show the types of things that are being found on a storage device.  These are not generally detailed enough for prosecution and will at some point require a full analysis as the case progresses further.  Benchmark Forensics can provide a full review of a law enforcement examiner’s report for starters, and can follow-up with a full or partial analysis to confirm their findings and determine if anything might have been overlooked.  

Rest easy knowing that Benchmark Forensics will represent you and your clients to be sure the data is being reported accurately and that nothing was overlooked that might aid your client’s defense.  


Benchmark Forensics is committed to providing unbiased analysis and professional interpretation of data. The data is either there, or it is not. If the data is there, how did it get there?  Was it produced from the device, or was it synced to the device from another shared device? Who is responsible for the data?  

We provide an unbiased review of prosecutorial digital evidence data to ensure the data is present and nothing was missed that could potentially aid in the defense of others.

Digital Analysis can be conducted on a multitude of platforms and may include but is not limited to:
Pictures, Videos, sms, mms, iMessage, Chat, Call Details, Date/Time Stamp analysis, location analysis, file analysis, file system analysis, Registry analysis, memory analysis, unallocated data analysis (deleted data), Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis, and so much more. 
Data analysis can provide valuable information that may lend credibility to your case.  

Provide a full or partial analysis of data obtained from digital storage media.  Whether you want a complete and detailed analysis of all data or merely a spot-check analysis on a specific piece of the pie, Benchmark Forensics can accommodate your needs.  

In addition, Benchmark Forensics uses ‘CellHawk’ technology for in-depth Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis to make the most of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint records obtained by law enforcement.  US Cellular is a regional provider that utilizes the major carriers to cover the nation.  All other cell phone providers in the U.S. are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). MVNOs use the network infrastructure of one of the Big Four carriers and piggyback on its service.

Benchmark Forensics will provide CellHawk services to Law Enforcement in an effort to locate missing/endangered persons, and to Defense Counsel to ensure nothing was missed that might aid in the defense of others.  There is too much pertinent data within these records to ignore and specialized training is absolutely necessary to exploit the data effectively.  Through Benchmark Forensics, we have you covered with a team of CellHawk experts at your fingertips.  

Benchmark Forensics will work closely with our clients in an effort to produce the best facts available to draw conclusions from.   You’re in good hands.  

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