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Why Benchmark Forensics?

In today’s world, some form of digital data and digital evidence is present in nearly all criminal and civil cases. Hands on experience working with this data can help make or break your case. With over 24 years of law enforcement and more than 13 years as a certified digital forensic investigator means your digital data needs are in the best possible hands.

We provide unbiased data forensic services, period. The data is either there, or not. For your additional peace of mind, we are licensed, bonded, and insured and maintain certifications in necessary digital specialties. 

Consulting Services

Expert Consulting

Case Review:

Making heads or tails of a digital nightmare

We can review your case from top to bottom, determine what might be missing and provide insight and direction from start to finish

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Criminal and Civil Services


Unbiased assessment of digital evidence and evidential review.   

Forensic Neutral

Court-mandated analysis outside of law enforcement.  

Corporate Services

Data Recovery

Recover or Restore corrupted or deleted Corporate data

Data Acquisition

Acquire data from a multitude of devices for detailed forensic analysis

Data Analysis

Analyze acquired data and identify specific areas of interest for your case

Ones and Zeros

Whether we’re examining a phone, a computer, a tablet, or a more unusual device such as a drone – it all comes back to 1s and 0s.

Digital Forensics isn’t always about proving either innocence or guilt. It is about data. Does the data exist or does it not. Benchmark Forensics provides accurate and unbiased analysis and interpretation of digital data and courtroom testimony as necessary.

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