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Internal affairs, Corporate Espionage, Data Recovery, Acquisitions, Analysis.  Whatever your needs, Benchmark Forensics has your back.  

Data Recovery

All electronic devices and data storage media are susceptible to data no longer being accessible to the user.  This can occur from files becoming corrupted, system errors, mechanical errors, accidental or intentional deletion, etc.  Data recovery is the process of accessing and retrieving the otherwise inaccessible data.  Though data cannot be recovered in all cases, Benchmark Forensics offers you the best opportunity for the recovery of your missing data.  You can also rest assured that with Benchmark Forensics, the privacy of your recovered data will always be our top priority.  

Benchmark Forensics will provide a free evaluation of your storage media. All postage (both ways) is the responsibility of the owner. If we are unable to recover your data, you pay nothing and we will return the storage media device to you.  If we determine there is recoverable data on your storage device, we will provide you with a quote for the recovery of that data and you can then decide if you want Benchmark Forensics to proceed with the recovery process.  

Data Acquisition

Benchmark Forensics is capable of acquiring data from a multitude of devices and media storage types such as computers, laptops, cell phones, hard drives, thumb drives, data cards, and more.  

Obtaining the most accurate and detailed data is our goal. In many cases, a bit for bit physical acquisition is possible.  In cases where this is not possible, a logical acquisition may be obtained.  

Benchmark Forensics can perform data acquisitions in our lab, as well as in the field.  We can supply acquired files to our clients for their own individual analysis, or we can continue with a full analysis of the extracted data to include recovery of otherwise unattainable data.

Data Analysis

Benchmark Forensics is committed to providing unbiased analysis and professional interpretation of data. The data is either there, or it is not. If the data is there, how did it get there?  Was it produced from the device, or was it sync’d to the device from another shared device? Who is responsible for the data?  

If you are missing data, or if the data was stolen such as in the theft of intellectual property, who is responsible for this?  Where did the data go? Digital Analysis can be conducted on a multitude of platforms and may include but is not limited to:

Pictures, videos, sms, mms, iMessage, chat, call details, date/time stamps, file analysis, file system analysis, registry analysis, memory analysis, unallocated data analysis (deleted data), Call Detail Record (CDR) cell tower analysis, and so much more.  Data analysis can provide valuable information that may lend credibility to your case.  

In addition, Benchmark Forensics in many cases can provide digital timeline evidence in order to show specific user activity within a specific time frame. Benchmark Forensics will work closely with our clients to produce the best facts available to draw conclusions from. You’re in good hands.  

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